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Easy Caprese Salad

Hello everyone. I'm here in Colorado visiting family. I leave tomorrow. It has been a whirlwind of activity around here. My brother showed up on the same day I flew in. He had two of his kids in tow. He drove up from Alabama to surprise my dad for Father's Day. We also celebrated my… Continue reading Easy Caprese Salad

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Lemon Smothered Alaskan Cod

Hello everyone. How has everyone been?? It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've been plenty busy around here. Christmas came and went. Everyone in our house came down with the flu. I caught it twice. Yuk! It took about six weeks for us all to completely recover. It was brutal! I am glad that's finally past.… Continue reading Lemon Smothered Alaskan Cod


For Maddie Elliot

A beautifully written piece. A tribute to Maddie.
Maddie you will be missed and are loved.


Yesterday I wrote a blog post on the fragility of our human lives, the time limits on all of us that we simply cannot see. I know that I wrote it yesterday, yet I had no idea I was actually writing about one of the most beautiful souls kristina-m-m-158842I have ever known. I was yet to realize a wonderful friend and kind heart had just been lost.

This is for Madeline Elliot.

Though I knew her through classes and crossed paths throughout the years, even I could tell that Maddie was truly one of a kind. She was the kind of girl who could bring a smile to anyone’s face with one of the most infectious laughs I have ever heard. Every time I talked to her, whether it was about something important or simply trivial, we always ended up talking for so much longer than we had planned because…

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