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Simple Feta Salad 

It’s been blazing hot here in NorCal. Upwards of 110. We literally went from the 80’s to 110, overnight!!  We had zero time to acclimate to the hot weather.  Miserable!!  I also got a promotion at work. I now walk upwards of 6-8 miles a day at work. I love it! Plus I’ve already lost inches!!  My clothes aren’t as tight. I really like that. It has still been a challenge balancing work and home.   Once again writing has been put to the side. I’ve been doing things. Just not blogging.  My garden is planted. 

The cucumbers love this heat!! I pick a few pounds a day!! 

 I had so many I thought I should pickle them. 

It was easier than I thought. I’ve also been making jam. Strawberry and Strawberry Rhubarb. 

I have also been working on another baby blanket. 

So yes, I have been productive. Then the heat kicked in. It was to hot to cook inside and to hot to grill outside. What to do??  I bought a rotisserie chicken and that became chicken salad. It was good. I went back to the store the next day to get a few more chickens. SOLD OUT!!  Bummer. I wanted to share that recipe with y’all. Next heat wave.  This time I’ll share my husbands favorite salad. That man loves a good salad and he eats at least one a day. Me not so much, but this one I like and it’s easy. 

Simple feta salad 

You will need a few basic ingredients.           Romaine and iceberg lettuce.                           Cucumbers, red onion,  two lemons, zest and juice of both lemons, grape or cherry tomatoes, halved. Salt and pepper. If you like you can add extras and I did here. Radishes and celery. You can also add olives and maybe some rotisserie chicken. Whatever you like!!  Lets get to the recipe. 

First rinse, dry, and slice your lettuce. 

Slice your red onion. 

Slice radishes. 

Slice tomatoes in half. 

Peel and slice or cube your cucumbers. 

Zest your lemons. 

Juice your lemons. Set juice aside. 

Cube your feta cheese. 

Add to salad. Add your pepper here too and give that salad a good toss. 

Add the lemon juice and salt about 10 minutes prior to serving. That’s enough time for the flavors to mingle, but not enough time for the lemon to “cook” your greens and make it a soggy mess. The lemon juice mixes with the flavors of the vegetables and that makes this a dressing free salad. Although you can add olive oil if you wish.  This is perfect for a hot weather meal. You can also add chicken and put it all in a pita. Yum!!  Enjoy. 

See y’all next time. 

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